It’s International Archives Day, and the theme this year is #ArchivesAreYou.

Archives contain the stories of individuals and communities from the past, present, and eventually the future. Although Wales has a brave and proud history of LGBTQ+ people and allies standing up for their rights, researching LGBTQ+ people in the past can be difficult. Homosexuality was a criminal offence, negative views were held across society, and LGBTQ+ people had to keep their authentic selves hidden.

We’ve created this film to highlight some of the LGBTQ+ collections held in Archive Repositories across Wales, and how you can research them.

We would love to see more material like this amongst the collections held by Wales’ archive services.  What may seem insignificant to you – a poster or a flyer, a newsletter or a sticker – may be of great interest to us.  If you think you have material that could be of interest, please get in touch with your local archive service, and let’s continue to piece together Wales’ hidden history.

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