The Public Sector Paperless Awards were established in 2017 to encourage digital progress, recognise achievement and spread good practice in digital transformation within public sector organisations.

This year there were several categories of award, ranging from data security, system interoperability, customer experience and workflow efficiency. As the work of the ARCW Digital Preservation Group has developed a policy framework, supported by a technical infrastructure to ensure access to, and the preservation of, authentic, trustworthy and secure data, it was submitted for consideration for an award to recognise this work.  This submission was successful and the project was shortlisted under the Data and Information Security Category.

The awards ceremony was held on 11 July in an adapted hanger in the Concorde Centre, Manchester Airport, with the space being dominated by Concorde itself.  We were welcomed to the event by a champagne reception, followed by a meal and entertainment by the comedian, Milton Jones, who also hosted the awards.

Our category was won by NHS Digital for the development of a Data Security and Protection Toolkit, but although we did not win, the event provided the opportunity to network and to raise awareness of the work of ARCW and the importance of preserving and providing access to digital content. I would like to thank ARCW and the National Library of Wales for supporting my attendance at the event.

Sally McInnes,
Chair, ARCW Digital Preservation Group

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