Anglesey Archives has been awarded a grant of £3,734 by the National Manuscript Commission Trust (NCMT) to conserve 30 technical drawing and plans showing various aspects of the ‘TSS Colleen Bawn’ and the ‘TSS Mellifont.’


Built by Vickers Sons & Maxim Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness in 1903, the ‘TSS Colleen Bawn’ and her sister ship, the ‘TSS Mellifont’ once provided essential ferry and mail carrying services between the ports of Liverpool and Drogheda and Holyhead and Greenore.

The documents were gifted to the Anglesey Archives by the ferry operator, Stena Line to help celebrate Anglesey’s outstanding coastline during  Wales’ ‘Year of the Sea’, 2018.

Hayden Burns, Senior Archives said that “although in a poor condition, these records are a valuable addition to our holdings and have thus, been prioritised for conservation”. He added “thanks to the NCMT grant these documents will now be cleaned, flattened, and repaired by a professional conservator. Following which, the records will be catalogued and made available for consultation in our public search room”.

The drawings are significant, because they provide a detailed overview of the type of twin-screw vessels that were operating on the Irish Sea during this time. They are also important because of the vital role the ships played during the Great War and the events leading up to the Easter Rising in Ireland.

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