To celebrate the year of the sea, and Ynys Môn’s rich maritime history, we ran an art project that used archival documents to create ceramic pieces depicting the story of the wrecked steam clipper, The Royal Charter. These ceramic art works were created under the guidance of local ceramicist, Lyn Gallagher. Whilst researching for the development of the ceramic tiles, each participant also created their own portfolio of artwork.

We worked with eight children from the local community who are survivors of domestic abuse. These children are supported by the charity Gorwel. Gorwel’s main focus is to provide support services in the field of domestic violence and homelessness prevention, but the other benefits are numerous. They include, Improvement to quality of life and well- being, developing life skills, support to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and establishing communal activities.

Anglesey Archives Gorwel Ddoe 6

The children who participated in the project increased their self-esteem, communication skills, teamwork, and developed an interest in healthy art activities. The Isle of Anglesey will forever be connected to the sea, and the children were able to learn about this rich historical connection unique to Anglesey.

The opportunities provided to the children during the project had a positive effect not only on their lives, but also to the lives of their family, empowering the confidence to form new friendships and to be active individuals in their community. Some of these children suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress, involving fear, helplessness and horror. They were able to express their feelings through art activities in a safe and welcoming environment, but more than this, they were given an opportunity to be children in their own lives. Something that has been distinctly lacking in their young lives.

Anglesey Archives Gorwel Ddoe 1

At the end of the project, an afternoon of celebration was arranged, we had an exhibition opening where the children were able to bring family members to view their art work displayed in its permanent home at Anglesey Archives; and everyone enjoyed a chat over afternoon tea.

Anglesey Archives.

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