A distinctive caravan is in Swansea this week, which turns out not to be a caravan when you look inside but a mobile recording booth for the BBC.

The booth is part of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Listening Project’ and is here to record conversations between friends or relatives for the popular radio programme. The visit of the booth to Swansea has been co-ordinated by Radio Wales producer Lynne Rosser working with Swansea Council’s Library and Archive Services.

Lynne Rosser said, “The purpose of ‘The Listening Project’ is to build a unique picture of our lives in the UK today through an accumulation of conversations between friends and family on whatever topics they choose to talk about. Since 2012, the Project has recorded over a thousand conversations which have been stored in the archives of the British Library and excerpts broadcast on Radio 4 and online.”

West Glamorgan Archive Service head, Kim Collis, said, “Bringing ‘The Listening Project’ to this part of south Wales has been an ambition of mine for over a year now. It has toured many parts of the UK but there has up to now been a huge gap in the map as far as south west Wales has been concerned.

“It’s an opportunity for local people to take part in a national project which I believe uncovers the most heart-warming and positive aspects of our national character, the strength of our lifelong friendships, of family and of community bonds.”

Radio Wales has already started to record conversations, with a pilot recording between Dave and Jeff, two retired steelworkers in Port Talbot fearing for the future of their town if the works closes http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p044wflr

On Thursday morning, Radio 4 will be broadcasting live from Swansea Civic Centre with programme presenter Fi Glover and a range of local guests.

Swansea Council Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Regeneration, Councillor Robert Francis-Davies, said, “The visit of ‘The Listening Project’ to Swansea will help raise the profile of the city and neighbouring towns to a national radio audience and we are very grateful to BBC Radio Wales and to Radio 4 for giving us this opportunity”.

More information about ‘The Listening Project’ can be found online on the BBC website: The Listening Project

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