Staff at Pembrokeshire Archives in Prendergast, Haverfordwest, threw open its doors on Tuesday to show the public what goes on behind the scenes.

Tours of the building took place and visitors were given the rare opportunity to view the repository block  where over 133,000 items from Pembrokeshire’s archival heritage – some dating back to 1272 – are held in environmentally controlled conditions.

Said Pembrokeshire County Council archivist, David Llewellyn: “Archives are fantastic as they are great sources of identity for individuals and communities and inspirational learning resources.  They contain a vast amount of information from the past to help inform us about the present.”

Among the guests during the day were Council Chairman Wynne Evans and Cabinet Member for Culture, Elwyn Morse.

Details of the service’s full opening hours are on the Authority’s web pages at: and on Facebook at: @PembsArchives

Pembrokeshire Archives


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