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Saving the Bits Programme

Digital Preservation Training: SAVING THE BITS PROGRAMME

This training will be hosted by Digital Preservation Project Staff at The National Library of Wales. The aim of these sessions is knowledge exchange and practical experience in digital preservation which will enable digital preservation actions to be undertaken within organisations to ensure that the digital content is identified and safeguarded.

Below are the documents used in the sessions for future reference.

  1. Introduction

Born Digital Preservation at LLGC (Video Presentation)

2. Setting the Scene

Link to Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections

ARCW Software (Video Presentation)

Session 3 : Managing the transfer  of digital content to the archive

Workflows (Video Presentation)

Session 4 : The technical appraisal of content

Appraisal (Video Presentation)

Session 5: Preservation and Storage

Session 6: Access

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