Questionnaire template for remote surveys

As part of the Records at Risk project, a questionnaire form was developed for distribution to organisations that were invited to join in our historical records-keeping survey. The questionnaire is suitable for use by all types of organisation, including businesses and charities. It asks respondents about:

  • The conditions in which non-current records are held
  • The types and formats of records held
  • The organisation’s interest in receiving guidance on records preservation and/or transferring their historical records to an external archive service

You can download a copy of the questionnaire template in Microsoft Word below. For further information about use of the template, see: ‘Remote records surveying guidance for archive services’

Sample letter to survey respondents

Click below to download a sample letter and email text which can be used to invite potential respondents to participate in a remote records-keeping survey.

External help and resources

Please note that the following resources are published by external bodies based outside Wales and are available in English only.