The below guidance document, and accompanying presentation, provide an overview of the process of rescuing business records made vulnerable due to financial distress, covering the stages of research and monitoring up to the acquisition of records from an insolvent company. Among other information, it includes a flowchart outlining key steps in the process, guidance on corporate insolvency terminology, and information about contacting insolvency practitioners. The guidance is primarily intended for use for by archivists and archive services in Wales but may be useful to anybody with an interest in rescuing records from insolvent companies.

You can download the guide as a pdf document using the link below.

A supporting video tutorial is available here.

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) co-ordinates efforts across England, Scotland and Wales to rescue business records placed in danger as a result of liquidations, administrations, takeovers and other circumstances in which business records may be at risk. Among other resources, the CMT have published helpful guidance for both archivists and insolvency practitioners which outlines the process for rescuing records. The guidance is available in English on the Managing Business Archives website and, with the permission of the Crisis Management Team, has been translated into Welsh and made available on our website here.

Additional resources for risk monitoring

Further resources, including a template for identifying records at risk and guidance from professional bodies are available here.