‘Up and Over’ was a project based in two Valleys north of Bridgend (the Garw and the Llynfi) and run by Valley and Vale Community Arts. The aim of the project was to recreate the beauty and history of archives, personal and collective memories through the medium of textiles, using the tithe and other historic maps as an inspiration in two embroideries created by local groups.

The textiles included, among other things, photographs with colour and stitch lines added by participating volunteers, creating individual pieces encapsulating significant moments in their lives such as family occasions and sporting events, mundane everyday journeys to school and work, or inspiring walks with favourite views. Historical landmarks and people from the communities that the groups feel need to be mentioned were also included.

This project created new community partnerships through these artworks by linking the two pieces, and the Garw and Llynfi Valleys, as they have always historically been linked, via routes up and over the mountains since before the tithes maps were created.